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Returns details.

IPTVSub1 - Returns details.

We accept returns without any reason within 7 days after your purchase.
Money-back guarantee (no questions asked) if you change your mind within 7 days
After that, no returns are acceptable Only If.
1- Your account has stopped.
2- Your favor has been canceled.
3- Channels have been deleted from your account
4- Or any reason related to my service and ( not change your decision)

Be sure we will do the impossible to satisfy you. However, we are taking our precautions.
The exploiters are everywhere you want to check and we are.

Any problem facing your account, please send your message to the e-mail or to the phone number via the application WhatsApp or via Fb Page.

We'll check it at the same time as we receive your message.
Be sure that we will take care of you more than we do when buying.
Support when problems are much stronger.
Save this In your WhatsApp -> Add Name IPTvSub1-> +212634749528
Or just click here -> https://wa.me/212634749528
Email -> admin@iptvsub1.com
Your satisfaction is number one by us.
Just send your message and see what we will do for you.