How to order free Trial 24 hours Demo.

Easy way to check all packages.
1- go to the
2- select your pack.
3- click order now.
4- type your Email
5- click order now blue button

How to buy

Easy way to buy using PayPal.
1- Go to the
2- Select your pack.
3- Click order now.
4- Select your plan.
5- Type your Email.
6- Get PayPal link.
7- Pay using PayPal.
8- Type payment proof, or just type Paid.
9- click the order now blue button.

Find the account code on the email

1- Go to your Email.
2- Check your spam folder.

How to run IPTV using, user + pass + host

1- Open your IPTV App.
2- Search if you can find Xtream login or API, or username + password

How to run IPTV using, M3U

From any app, Check settings, Then the M3U option