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About IPTV Sub 1 2021

I recommended you read the: 2019 AND 2021 About us pages. To know us from starting.

About Us
About IPTVSub1 in 2021,
It is a small company that started in 2018 on eBay. with KinwaShop
Worked diligently and sincerely with clients and was honest with her clients all the time.
Got many happy customers in a very short time.

There have been many problems with selling live broadcasting services. Many servers have been completely shut down by internet hosting companies, as well as many suppliers have closed their sites and left, and there are also those who have been imprisoned and issued all their money.
But fortunately, we were honest and did not cancel any account. And we changed all accounts from discontinued servers to better, new and more expensive servers than the first -.

Despite all this, it was kinzaShop it was the source of annoyance for all broadcasting companies such as Sky, BEIN, etc.. Multiple complaints were sent to eBay and the eBay account was closed.

lost all my customers and no longer allowed to sell services online.

All pages and accounts have been deleted. I was very frustrated.
-- Back again
I got an email from someone who bought from me a year ago and wants to renew (he taught me that I succeeded in satisfying customers, not eBay or Facebook)
And I started again fighting all the circumstances to get back again.
I was thinking about what to do - I decided to create my own website
The first site was called iptvsubscription1.com
I post ads on Facebook
The site was on Shopify - it was permanently closed and all my content was deleted.
The site page was also closed and the site was attended by Facebook.
At this time, it was necessary to create a new site, but it does not contain subscriptions
A new domain name has been created. iptvsub1.com, and linking it to the Ewcid platform, which did not close the site after all for two years or more. and kinzashop.com as a guide
Did not have all the freedom on the site and could not create a beautiful design, so I decided to create my own site that cannot be closed by any third party.

Renovated to 2030
Now the site has terrible credibility. Customers come without ads
Positive feedback on all platforms such as Trustpilot, IPTV sub1 has more than 10,000 customers and more than 3,000 service renewals. and more than 400 resellers

We also include different servers and let you try them out before you buy.
Now we don't just want to sell -

we want to keep our customers.
Thank you each